Our History

Fannin County Family Crisis Center was organized through Friends of the Family in Cooke County in 1985. Services at that time were provided by staff from Cooke County. Beginning in 1988, services were provided through the Grayson County Women’s Shelter. 

In 1996 a local office was established with services provided by volunteers assisted by staff from Grayson County. During this time a Board of Directors was formed and the grant writing process began. 

1997 brought the first full time staff and services began to be provided as an independent center. The first two grants received by the center were Federal grants administered through the Texas State Governor’s Office:  VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). 

In 1998 the center was awarded a grant from the Office of the Attorney general for Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services. In 1999 the agency was also awarded with a grant from the Meadows Foundation to Further Education in school aged children to help prevent violence. That grant was used to build and promote the Teen Anger Management Education Program. The Meadows Grant was a one-time award-not an ongoing grant. 

During 2003-2006 the Office of the Attorney general made additional funds available for FCFCC’s Outreach Program. This grant was the OVAG (Other Victims Assistance Grant). With these funds outreach offices were set up in Honey Grove with a donated office from the Housing Authority and in Leonard in donated space from the Leonard Police Department. Each of those offices were staffed two days a week with two staff members. 

Over the years the center still receives funds from the Office of the Attorney General for Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services in addition to funding from the Federal Government for Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services specified for Primary Prevention. From 2009-2010 the center received funding from the Governor’s office through the RVAG (Regional Victims Assistance Grant). For a six month period in 2009 temporary funds were awarded through the Health and Human Services Division of the State of Texas.

In 2010 a very generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous, gave FCFCC enough money to purchase the building we are now in. A one-time grant was received from the Meadows Foundation to renovate the building and purchase most of the furnishings. 

During the 2012 funding year the RVAG grant was changed to Other Victims Assistance Grant (OVAG) and again funded this agency. In addition the center was awarded a regular grant from HHSC. The 2013 funding year brought a cooperative grant with Fannin, Grayson and Cooke Counties to receive funds from the Office of the Governor Victims of Crime Act. In 2015 it was decided that each agency would apply separately and FCFCC was funded.

The current fiscal year, 2019, the center receives SAPCS-State, VOCA and HHSC.